How I make My Tutorials

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How I make My Tutorials
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In this extra tutorial I'm explaining the workflow that I use when creating a tutorial.
We receive many questions on how we make our tutorials and what software we use, so here you go!
Usually I start of by making a script. This gives a good indication of the length and the 'flow' of the tutorial. After this I usually record the voice over. This could take up quite the amount of takes and try-outs, depending on the weather...

After this I edit the voice a bit, sometimes cut away unnecessary 'spaces' and process it a bit. Than I'll add in the intro and -outro sound and add the music.
Photo-editing and images I like to make in Photoshop and Illustrator. These can be imported together with the sound and possible footage and leaders that I will need for this tutorial in After Effects. In after effects I create a new composition with the voice-over as guideline. Here I'll animate all text and visuals and after a week or so I can render out a WickieMedia Tutorial!
I hope you'll like this tutorial-tutorial!
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Wick van den Belt

Besides that Wick has started WickieMedia, he is also author, blogger and video-editor for the site.
Wick is very passionate about audio engineering, music production, graphic design, motion graphics and good cappuchino.

Wick is the author of 'Audio Engineering - Dynamic Processing' and 'Audio Engineering - Spectral Processing'.
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